Book chosen for Walnut Shade Reads

Sherri Brown, town librarian, has announced that Destiny of the Republic, by Candace Millard, was chosen as the inaugural book of “Walnut Shade Reads.”  The book, an account of the attempted assassination and subsequent death of President James A. Garfield because of the incompetent care he received from his doctors, has significance for Walnut Shade for two reasons:  Garfield was the great-grandfather of Inez Harris; and, Candace Millard, the author, is the cousin of Glenda Singleton.  The library, in cooperation with the Excelsior Book Club, has ordered twenty copies of the book which will be available for one-week loans.  Sherri expects the books to arrive in the next couple of days.

A complete list of the books suggested and the ten books receiving the most votes by the community is available under the heading “Walnut Shade Reads” on the home page of the blog:


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